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Step 1

Contact a Real Estate Agency that inspires confidence and dominates the area where your property is located.

If you choose Ellite Properties for a professional real estate to visit your property, they will advise you on the different legal aspects that any transaction involves, as well as a FREE valuation and advise you on small details that can help to sell your property quickly .

Step 2

Once you have decided the price for which you want to sell your property, Ellite Properties is responsible for taking pictures of it to publish it on its website and on several international websites.
With the documentation provided Ellite properties prepares a contract to be signed by both parties with all the conditions verbally agreed: price, date of duration of the same, percentage of commission, etc.

Copy of Purchase Deed
Copy of IBI receipt
Copies of bills for electricity, water and gas.
Certificate of Energy Efficiency
Certificate from the Owner Community Administrator stating that you are debt free.

Before the sale:
The only expense to be faced is the cost of the Energy Efficiency Certificate.
Once the transaction is completed:
The owner must pay the real estate fees with the corresponding invoice plus taxes, and settle the Municipal Tax

We hope these little tips can help.

Remember that in Ellite Properties, honesty, professionalism and transparency are our motto, and that if you decide to trust with us to sell your property, we will be happy to help you.

Acquiring a property in Spain is a relatively easy task and very legally safe if you follow a few simple steps that we will detail below.

Step 1

Once found the property that fits your tastes and priorities, and reached an agreement with the owner about the sale price and conditions of the same, usually make a guarantee deposit of between € 3,000 and € 10,000, depending on the price Of the property, (sometimes this step is not done and agreed between the parties go directly to the notary.)

This deposit is given to the real estate agent who will be responsible for it and will not deliver it to the owner until the veracity of the documentation, ownership of the property and the condition of the charges have been verified.

In case of any problem with ownership of the property or the owner’s written acceptance of the verbally agreed terms, the real estate agent will immediately return the buyer to the entire amount delivered to the account.


If the buyer so wishes, he can hire an attorney to assist him in the entire process of the sale, although this is not necessary with Ellite Properties because we are collegiate APIs, so the entire process of the same is guaranteed by an Insurance Civil Liability provided by the Official Association of Real Estate Agents.


Step 2

Once all the documentation has been verified and everything is in order, a contract of sale will be drawn up between the two parties specifying all the clauses and agreements verbally agreed upon.
In the contract it is usually agreed that as a formal reservation the buyer will transfer 10% of the value of the sale (less the amount of the reservation previously paid) to an account in Spain that the seller owns.

At this point if the buyer decides not to continue with the sale, he will lose the amount delivered up to that moment, if the seller does not want to complete the transaction, he must return to the buyer twice the amount delivered up to that moment.


Step 3

Arriving the stipulated date to complete the operation, a visit to a notary is required, who previously has been chosen by the buyer who is the one who normally pays all the expenses of the sale and sale.
The expenses are: ITP (Transmission Tax) in the case of purchase of a second transmission (property sold by a private individual, either home or land), or VAT (Value Added Tax) when the seller is a commercial company New homes or land).

The ITP is different in each Spanish Community (region) while VAT is the same throughout Spain
In the Valencian Community the ITP is 10% and VAT for new homes also 10% while for land sold by a company or developer is 21%. In both cases you must add a 1.5% tax of AJD (Documented Legal Acts)
Notary expenses are variable but in order not to be short we can calculate the 1.5% of purchase price.


Step 4

Once completed the transaction, Ellite Properties (if the client wishes), will proceed to make all changes of title and direct debit of all supplies of the property (electricity, water, gas, Community of Owners, Taxes, etc.), WITH NO COST for the new owner.


Very important

For any foreigner who is not resident in Spain, the Ministry of the Interior must first obtain a NIE (Fiscal Identification Number) for any procedure that may be carried out (deed of sale, opening of bank account, etc.)

Your lawyer can advise you on this procedure that must be carried out with the presence of the interested party in a Police Commissioner in Spain or in any Spanish Embassy or Consulate abroad.

You can also check Ellite Properties for the easiest and least expensive way for you to get this document when you make a sale of a property.

If you do not have a lawyer, we at Ellite Properties are happy to assist you in obtaining it, as we work with a wide variety of professionals.

If you wish to rent your property, whether for long duration or for weeks (vacational), consult Ellite properties the advantageous conditions that we can offer you.

In Ellite properties we only rent properties with certain characteristics: very good location, excellent views, new or newly renovated state and current decoration.

If your property meets these characteristics, do not hesitate to consult us the excellent advantages and benefits that we can offer.

When we put a property on sale, we must accept that it ceases to be our home and becomes a commercial product. Therefore, it must be something very attractive for potential buyers, so we help them to imagine themselves living there.

With a few simple tricks it is easy to transform a house difficult to sell for its disarranged appearance in one that enters through the eyes and can be sold fast Home Staging gives your property that plus you need to arouse greater interest.

Our sole objective is to show the best of the house to potential buyers. It is necessary to captivate the buyer, so we must highlight the strengths and disguise the possible defects. Home Staging, which could be translated as “preparation for sale”, is to discover how to use the elements already existing to create a clean and clear decoration. In this way, a property can be updated in a short time at a very low cost. It is not a matter of spending a lot of money, as we would do in a reform, but a face-lift at low cost. Home Staging is a marketing tool focused on the presentation of a product for sale, making the setting of your home attractive for a wide variety of tastes.

We all know that when you meet someone the first impression is the one that counts. The same thing happens with real estate. Home staging tries to create a positive impact on the buyer when entering each environment.
Every minute that the interested party stays on the property is very important. For this reason, the Home Staging tries to highlight the positive points to offer a favorable impression. A good looking property shows that it has been taken care of and that all necessary maintenance has been done.

In short, the goal of Home Staging is to achieve two unique results: a quick sale and defend the value of the property as best as possible.