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Benisa (in Valencian and officially Benissa) is a municipality and city of the Valencian Community, Spain. Located in the northeast of the province of Alicante, in the region of the Marina Alta. Its municipal term, of 69.7 km ², presents 4 km of coast.

It has 11 000 inhabitants, of which 44.5% are foreign nationals. These come mainly from other European Union countries, mainly from Germany and the United Kingdom.

The municipal term of Benisa has a surface that presents a very rectangular and square form.

The urban nucleus is located about 200 meters high above sea level. In the 4 km of coast of the municipality they emphasize their coves and beaches of sand, gravel or bowls, with rock bottoms that are suitable for the practice of diving and sailing.

Of all of them, the most popular is the beach of Fustera, which is the one with the highest number of services as well as an area for sports and children’s games.

Benisa also has a marina Les Basetes, located practically on the border with Calpe, which offers services of bar, restaurant, sailing school, and diving center.

Different discoveries suggest the development of some prehistoric activity in Benisa. The discovery of three small rock paintings, in the rural game of Pinos, as well as coins, amphoras, etc. also indicates the passage of the Romans for these lands.

The origin of the name Benisa is Arabic: بني عسى Beni Isa or “sons of Isa”, a tribe name, like that of many other populations of the Spanish Levant. Also today, most of the country’s rural areas retain their Arabic name: La Alfama, la Rápita, el Rafalet. This confirms the historical thesis that points to the existence of an important nucleus of the Arab population when the hosts of Jaime I Aragon arrived in 1248 at Benisa, annexing the place to the Kingdom of Valencia

Discover this beautiful city in which Romans, Arabs and Christians also left their mark on their heritage and culture. We highlight the visit of the Town Hall, Old Church square, Riberero monument, House of Culture, church of the Purísima Xiqueta, etc.